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Well done! Sobering, well written and unexpected ending.

God bless~
Haunting. Powerful. And so very real. You brilliantly portrayed how easy it is to get caught up in the "sugar highs" of the world, and how quickly one can start circling the drain.

My only red ink is that it felt like the pacing changed toward the end. The first 2/3 or 3/4 of the story is slow, dramatic, and piercing. Then the last bit is quick and sort of stabbing. Except the very last paragraph, which I love, because it's so haunting and fits the piece perfectly.

At first I was torn with the 1st person POV reporting his own death, but overall it works for me because of how the story was laid out.

Great writing. Fantastic application of theme.
I think people either try their best to be #1 at something, or resign to the fact that they can never be #1. Either way, they just want to be important, to know that their life counts for something. So glad the Lord see us as important.

You said it so well in this story. It did move a little fast. It's hard to tell a story in so few words. Blessings, LaVonne
This is very powerful stuff. I don't think of authors being in the "fast lane" so much these days (it seems the world is more about the youtube and other online instant stardom folks these days), but the tale is still the same no matter how celebrity is attained. The irony that doing what it takes to get there, gets you there alone is a truism that many have found out the hard way.

I think you not only told this story well, but poignantly and I was taken on Ed's roller coaster ride of excitement and depression - feeling every emotion along the way. Great job on this piece.
I especially like the conversational tone of this one--but I like, too, the flavors of the poetic:

"trepidation-tinged agony"
"Quickly my years spent in self-imposed solitary confinement confronted me like a Philistine solider"

Nice job--powerful exhortation hidden inside a story. (Jesus did that too, you know.)
Powerful writing! Sobering story full of truth - emptiness being lived out every day by the rich and famous. Well done.
My goodness! What a cautionary tale you weave! And, so true. While most of us probably wouldn't go down such a dark road (we pray), we all have, at one time or another, made decisions related to writing that we later regret. And, sometimes those decisions are about the people we love the most, or our God we are called to write about. Well done!
In such a very short time you have managed to wriggle into this old gal's heart, and remain here tossing out wee bits of my agonies. You twang every nerve. I appreciate you very much . . .
Congratulations on ranking 15 overall! Happy Dance!