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Adorable and well written entry. I loved it, great approach to the topic at hand, and a delightfully fresh way of delivering it.
I loved it.

God bless~
I grinned the entire time I was reading this piece and I think I spit my drink out onto my keyboard in laughter over the grandpa's silent thoughts over the word "google".

This was absolutely one of the most fun reads I've had in a while. Great, great job!

Oh, this was perfect! Such a creative way to treat the topic and such a hoot! Loved it - a lot!
You aroused my curiosity at the beginning and being a grandma, I could relate to Gramps throughout this lighthearted entry. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about your writing style--good pacing, made me smile, endearing MC and you wrapped it up leaving me wanting more.
I enjoyed your humorous take on the topic in this story. We older ones certainly learn from our youngers! Well written!
This made me smile.

And isn't "Jorel" the name of Superman's dad? I'd Google it, but I'm being lazy.