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Oh, I needed this today. Your words took me to a place where my stomach wasn't twisting in knots over what has happened, and where my mind isn't racing to get to "the next thing on the list."

Except for the bit of a scare with the falling ice, you brought me calm and peace, with tender awe mixed in.

After reading through this I fell in love with the title. The visual image of the entire story is well painted in my mind. Great job.
Poetically written. Beautiful!
God bless~
Many congratulations - your beautiful descriptions paint a most wonderful picture. Lovely to read.
I'm humbled by the majestic imagery, but also your skillful writing. Congratulations! I'm taking notes.
I don't know how I missed this wonderful piece this past week, but I am so glad I found it now. Congratulations on placing first this week, you certainly deserve it!

You not only do a magnificent job of conveying the serenity your MC feels, but you paint such a vivid picture of everything he/she (I don't think you specify, although it is told in first person), sees. From the ice floes, humpback whales and chinstrap penguins, I saw it all clearly. My favorite part: "...mirror and masterpiece."

Great job!
Congratulations! God bless~
Congratulations, Tracy. Great story, well deserved win. You certainly 'chilled out and relaxed'!
oh, I felt the peace and I saw everything so clearly. Thanks for taking the time to paint it all so clearly. Well done. Congrats.
Wow - another amazing entry. I just got lost in this. Congratulations
I know one when I see one, Tracy. No surprise here.:-) You're awesome! Mega Congratulations
Congratulations, Tracy! A well-deserved win on a beautiful piece.
Absolutely marvelous, Tracy. Congratulations on this well deserved win. God bless!
The peacefulness and serenity transferred to THIS reader. Excellent descriptions and writing. Wow! Congrats on top honors.