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Oh CD, I absolutely LOVED this. I was half way through it when I thought the MC might an ant, then I was surprised at the ending! This is original and unique and I think this one takes the prize! The message was lovely and loud and clear. Thanks for a most delightful read!
Such a great story! So creative, super idea, i began thinking, "hey thats what I do at picnics, I'm not the only one, eat before so I don't pig out".... Lolol... what a surprise I got!
Engaging and entertaining with a great ending. Wonderful work.
A totally delightful piece of writing here! At first, I pictured myself at the various picnics of my childhood. While I tried hard not to let Mom's eye find mine, somehow that "look" always said i had to wait. Then, when it was obvious that your MC was an animal, being from Montana, I knew it had to be a bear cub. So, you hooked me and kept me guessing on the MC so much that I really didn't see your ending coming. Super job all the way through to the terrific ending!
Congratulations on your EC! I was bitterly disappointed this one didn't rank first place. It was better than some others that did. I adored this story.

But that EC showed 'em!

Blessings, Lynn
Oh you are on fire! You got me good. I never saw the ending coming. I love at great twist and even though you left some beautiful subtle clues, I still didn't expect it. I think being 'had' by a twist is one of my favorite reading experiences because it doesn't happen often. The only "red ink" I have is tiny. The line Cornish hens wasn't the only tasty item threw me. Technically it's correct because it's one item, but since you started off with the plural hens I stopped several times thinking it should be weren't. Most people aren't as anal as I am. If you had done hen or items and switched the verb, I wouldn't have stuttered at all. Like I said though, it is tiny and most people wouldn't care. I love how you brought the topic into the story so perfectly. I can just see my cats acting the same way--kind of a prissy cattitude. Brilliant writing my friend! Congratulations and even though I've been sick I'm doing a huge Happy Dance for you!!
This was wonderful! I was there (in your writing) and I tasted everything! Truly tantalizing and mischievous! Congratulations on your E.C.
Oh, that was fun! You held onto that secret for quite a while and then did a lovely job unfolding his/her true identity. The image of a fully stretched belly is stuck in my mind. Love it!
What a delightful read! I can tell you are a very accomplished author.
I have a real soft spot for animal stories. I love your take on the topic. You did a good job of capturing the reader and holing interest. We had a raccoon in our yard and found out she had babies in the neighbors attic. We made sure Mama coon had plenty to eat.

Good job, keep the good stuff coming.
Congrats on EC camille! I thought for sure this would place, so was so happy you got EC!
This was a fun piece. You had me wondering why until I got near the end. Isn't it great that the anthropomorphic hand of God feeds His critters who wisely know that and anthropomorphically write stories about His goodness?