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I saw this entire scenario unfolding before my eyes! Completely on topic, and so entertaining in the approach, content and delivery!

Very authentic dialogue and interaction, I was suprised to see it was "fiction" I really thought it might have been true, which is another sign of a great writer, making things come to life.

I loved it. Thanks.

God bless~
I loved the tender heart-warming moments and all the encouragement he received from his family. I could see this whole story playing out. Super work on this.
This is the most touching entry I've read for this topic. I loved that the dialogue was believable; too often I read stories where the kids think and talk like adults.

Truly a beautiful story. Well done.
Superb job! My heartstrings began tugging from the first moment and were really humming by the end. My niece has worked with Special Olympics kids for years, and indeed, this could have been a true story somewhere in America. Thanks for crafting a piece that helps us remember to put in perspective the important matters and achievements of life in our modern society. A delightful read!