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OH, my goodness! What a story! What an ending. I did not see that one coming. I felt so bad for Cindy, though, not having a chance at redemption. This is powerful and sends a strong message.

This is truly a remarkable write, one that I won't soon forget. Thanks for sharing your great talent with this one. Really great!
I was not expecting that ending! They were headed in different directions and reached their destinations. I could feel the tension between the characters and the bond that kept them together. Sad, but motivates me to help in reaching the lost....

Wing His Words
So sad, but unfortunately true. Well-written even if the ending was a bit abrupt. That happens so often in the 750-word limit, doesn't it? Great job.
Wow, have you been in my house today or what? I listened to the testimony of a man, twenty-eight, who was bummed because all of his Christian friends joined with his worldly friends to make fun of his lack of sexual experience. The very next program on the radio was a pastor talking about it not being enough to just believe that society's norms are wrong; we must stand up and not let them in our own lives by the company we keep. Your piece hits both of these issues "head on." I don't think that the word-limit took anything away from your story; a head-on collision IS abrupt, isn't it? I did not see this ending coming, but it is much more powerful than any of the possibilities i was concocting in my mind. One of its strongest points is just how fast everything can happen, with eternal results. This needs to be in secular magazines, too! It really can happen just as you have written. Brilliantly crafted piece.
Oh wow, this is so powerful! Not quite the party Cindy was expecting to end up at huh? And the sad part is so many out there truly believe Hell will be partying with their friends. At first I thought the rapture had happened—but this goes to show, we never know when our last day will be, it could be an accident or an illness, etc. at any age! Great job on this vivid warning about the ultimate “dead end”—there is no more of a dead end than ending up in Hell (or lake of fire). This needs to be published beyond FW!
Oh, wow! What a chilling and gripping scenario. I love your title and the truth it conveys. Excellent writing.
Dang. Loved the ending. I am so honored to be writing and posting stuff on the same site as your talent. Great stuff.
Hi CD!

I enjoyed your article very much. It has a good message and flows smoothly from beginning to end. Maybe one day the Lord will help me to be able write as well as you do!