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This is a very interesting piece. Well researched.
This is a very informative piece of writing. I never cared much for astrology, but am interested in the times and seasons the Lord talks about. This is a good way to grab peoples interest in future events. Great job! Vonnie
Someone's been staying up on things. Very good. My wife has been watching youtube videos about the blood moons and, festivals and God's calendar. She is all excited and it's contagious. And for good cause!

Nice take on the topic. And well written.
This is something I keep hearing snippets about. You have given a concise overview which makes it clearer to me, so thank you for that. There's a tendency to tie the date of Jesus' return in with the blood moons and thankfully, you didn't do that, which I think gives your article more credibility. I know very little about such things so I shouldn't really be commenting, other than to say, a creative and interesting take on the topic.
Fascinating. A truly enjoyable read.

My only "red ink" comment is you list the date of the first lunar eclipse as 15 April, 20014 when I believe it's meant to be 2014.
I too have been studying about the coming blood moons and the times of their appearing and you have done a wonderful job explaining it! I am praying it is a sign of the Lordís return!! At any rate, I am watching and waiting as the Bible instructs us to do! Fascinating and captivating read! Well done!
Extremely interesting and informative. A good teaching article. I think lots have to happen on the earth, as well as in the sky, before the coming of our Lord.
For some time now, I've sensed that something unusual is on the horizon. Your thorough explanation and speculation intrigues me.

I was wondering about a few minor points. A declarative sentence works better than one that begins like a question. For ex:

"What makes the coming... is...," as opposed to..."The tetrad is special because it falls..."

And you can start a sentence with, "And."

"And is it possible that the Lord's return is imminent." I only use quotes here because I've quoted what you wrote, but I don't think quote marks are needed, since these are not actual quotations.

You could also have written the sentence as: What will be contained between these bookends, and is it possible that the Lord's return is imminent?

Loved your last line that relates to how the Book of Book ends. No pun end-tended. (Forgive me, Noel)
Ditto, to Linda Goergan's comment!! It's intriguing to say the least! Since hearing about this last July, every time the topic comes up for discussion I get goosebumps from head to toe!

Great topic for the topic!
Wow what a powerful piece and so educational as well. I didn't know any of the events you noted nor have I heard of a tretard. Your article gave me goosebumps. The only constructive feedback I would offer would be the use of the word very. For me personally when very, so, or really is used, I think it can have the opposite affect than intended. If something is significant it's significant or unimportant, not very or a little, if that makes sense. This is totally my opinion. In this case I think significant Covered it, but sometimes people will say very fat when obese would work.
With that said, using very in this astounding piece is insignificant. You grabbed my attention immediately, covered the topic in a creative way, all while delivering a important message. Your EC is well deserved. Congratulations and Happy Dance!
Congratulations, Graham! Your piece was so informative.
Congratulations Graham on your well deserved EC win! This was such a powerful and important message!

God bless~