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Oh this touched my heart and I felt the anguish, the frustration and the levels of resentment as the role reversal marching to the hands of time gone by.

This is an entry straight from your heart and I know so many "boomers" will relate to this, as many of us struggle with aging parents. I love truthful and straight from the heart entries, and this is one that I'm sure many will appreciate.

I pray that God will continue to hold you both in His powerful and loving hands! Great job.

Thank you!

God bless,
Wow, did you drop into my heart today! Mom and I aren't struggling with any anger over this turn-about, but the frustration over her not understanding instructions that seem so simple to me has certainly brought me back to remembering a time when I was unable to understand what my mother meant when she said something I really wanted to do was forbidden for my own good. Trying to help her get dressed in the morning and undressed at night makes us both so sad that it's my turn to help her. I want my mother back...the strong, competent one, who always knew the right thing to do and how to do it. Instead, it's me reminding her she needs to drink her milk and use her napkin. The sadness over this reversal grips me, and your article made me cry as I identified with your MC. Thank you for the courage to tell it like it is. God be praised that I have this special time with my mother, so that she knows there really isn't anything I wouldn't do for her, just as it has always been for me until the passing of years caught up with her mind. You've done a great job on this piece.
You have written this beautifully as you poignantly tell of the struggle to deal with the changes of aging and mother-daughter relationship. Most moving. Well done!
A unique approach to the topic - very creative, and well writtten. Thanks!
Poignant and articulate. I'll be praying for you two. How blessed you both are to have Jesus.
Very touching! Makes me feel like crying.

Many who read this will surely appreciate the kindred spirit of all daughters who face this ordeal with their beloved mothers.

I pray your story will help encourage those who are dealing with this issue in their own lives right now.

God bless~
Poignant and written straight from the heart. A very deserving win. Congratulations Linda.
Congratulations Linda! I'm so happy for you!

God bless~
This is beautiful! Congratulations! I love how you used bookends as a metaphor for mom and daughter's changing relationship. I could feel the frustration as the books get jostled. Working in a nursing home, I see many families experience this emotional change.
Your entry rings heartrendingly true, yet has a wonderful ending holding the mom and daughter together. Well done.
Linda, This has a beautiful message and is quite exquisitely written. I can see this so clearly. Congrats on your award.