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A very clever and imaginitive take on the topic. Great ending too!
Aah, librarians.... They always work on borrowed time, and they are happy to work by them shelves...
Very clever take on the topic, with good profiles of your MC and of Beruz, and a terrific close.
Delightful and captivating read beginning to end! I absolutely loved this!
What a lovely, creative story for this topic. I really enjoyed it and its warmth and joy.
Congratulations, Jack! You win, too. :-)
Congrats Jack. A very clever and creative story. A worthy win!
Congratulations on a well deserved win!
Congratulations Jack! I loved this story, so glad you won!
Just wonderful! Clever and well-written. Congratulations!
Well done! I was taken in by the atmosphere of the library immediately. I remember the way libraries used to be, with stories of wooden shelves, mezzanine floors with tables, wooden paneling, dark oak everywhere. I identified with the way Beruz lay there and looked up at it all. I loved your comments about his moustache and eyebrows. A memorable story.
I could not find the meaning of 'malele' anywhere. Did you mean 'melee'?

God bless~
I have been occupied with other business for a few weeks and unfortunately have had to neglect reading the Challenge winning entries.
Whoa what a welcome back entry this was.
Simultaneously smiled and teared up at the sensationally crafted spectacle of Beruz's joyful proclamation of 'He wins!'
Just adored this entire story!!
As always, I love your entry. Congratulations, Jack. God bless!
Congratulations on winning the Quarterly Challenge! I loved your characters. This was a fun read and creative idea for the topic.
This drew me in from the first sentence. Your descriptions were perfect and helped me to visualize it all. Then, I fell in love with your characters. Such a creative and wonderful way to tell a story and The Story.
Congratulations! I think this will be a BoB contender.