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Ha ha ha! A great ending to a most unlikely tale. Well told with humour and excitement.
*groan* I would have known this was yours anywhere, Noel. Your muse must have had fun coming up with this sci-fi story!
Oh my! I knew who wrote this and still didn't see that "groan" ending coming! Your imagination was in overdrive for this clever piece.
Great story. I particularly enjoyed your description of the technical problems associated with instantaneous travel.
You have a wonderful way of making me laugh while rolling my eyes. This was a delightful story from beginning to end.
Clever, humorous, Noelesque!

Tiny editing note..."to detect he..." perhaps, "detect how he..."

And..."felt that the need"...I suggest eliminating "that."

Your imagination went wild, but I loved it!
The master of the clever pun and the twisted word strikes again.

As always, Noel, very clever.
It actually causes me deep physical and emotional pain when a Challenge passes without your insanity. We need you! Never stop tickling our hearts and funnbones, dear soul . . .
Very clever and funny. I really enjoyed this. I did discover one place where I think you may have a word that shouldn't be there. Not sure. In the paragraph that starts "It all went so well" ,you wrote:"the clone felt that the need ?"
I love your writing.

Wait, some more....


Okay, just about finished....


WHen you start doing your stand-up comedy act, book me for the first row!

Amazing and simply outrageous genius my friend!

God bless~
Oh and Noel, no way can your mind be cloned, it is a ONE of a chance of duplicating a mind such as yours my friend!

Excellent job!

God bless~
Oh Noel...without knowing, I knew it was yours at last line! I kept wondering where this story was leading...thinking maybe it was a sci-fi analogy of the anti-Christ...only to burst out laughing at the end when I realized I had been taken in by the trickster writer! Your home must be very entertaining with your mind! Thanks for the laugh!
I bet he'll never do that seemingly-perfect crime again. I was laughing, too. Thanks for an entertaining story delivered in a way that only you can. :)