The Official Writing Challenge
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I am your loyal friend, Cause I made it to the end, And yes, a splendid person, Cause you couldn't have got a worse 'un!!!

HaHaHaHa! Full marks for originality and being on topic. I wonder who you are?
Ha! I got most of it. Some I struggled with and guessed, but what a different take! Perfect flow and meter on this fun thing to do first thing in the morning. I will come back later and try to work it all out.

Great writing, friend. You always entertain!
Well I did ---ure,
Saw our fri---ship mend,
And only the poem,
Had a fitting ---.

The heat down south must have got to you. Those Americans will never know how hard it is to write poetry standing on our heads.

Another excellent entry.
Very took the word "End" and wove it into your playful poem. It brought a smile to my face :-)
Only for you, Noel,only for you would I reach the end. :-)

My love for Word Scramble and Scrabble came in handy. Gotta say, this was outside the box and delightful. Your wordplay skills never cease to amaze me.
This as indeed an imaginative and clever work ... I couldn't help but fill in the blanks!

It worked! Well done!
Your puzzle poem got me stumped with a few of the word ommissions, when trying to fill them in. Not so brainy as you or Jim, and hopefully the judges. Creativity off the scale and more than full marks for quirky.
You are an endless delight! I am always captivated by your entries. You do to poetry what puzzlers do to crosswords!

Cute, cute, cute.
Shaking my head and laughing and yes, I did make it to the end of all the end-less ends. Your “end” less pun poem comes from your endless mind of creativity and fun! And this would have to take the win for unique entry! :)
Someone cut the E-N-D-ing out in this poem! Was it you? :) This is beyond creative and a ton a fun to read, and try to figure out, then once you figure it out you HAVE to go back and reread. Thank you on behalf of all FWers for this mind-challenge. :)