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Oh, yes. Those questions can be endless! Great application of theme. I really enjoyed P.J's spunk.
There is no hiding anything from a curious child. I thorougly enjoyed the story, though I must say I struggled a bit trying to understand the paragraph about the egg yolk, dryer, & flowers. I wasn't sure if you searched for everything at once after all the questions or after each question through out every activity??? But I loved the piece and the ending was great.
P.J. sounds very familiar--like my children when they were that age and now my grandchildren. Good take on the topic.
I think every mother alive can relate to the seemingly never ending questions of a child! And the why? stage they go through! This was a true to life, delightful read and great use of topic!
Brilliant character portrayal ... yet, it reads with such vivid reality.

This is truly professional quality ...

...from a father of two sons now grown up ... but who had their tricycle days and their endless questions!
I like your story very much, its cute and amusing; and questioning is something we all have been guilty of as children, and then at the receiving end of, later in life, from our own children and grandchildren.
I enjoyed this immensely! A delightful read, a charming story. Endless questions are raised by adults also - these questioners are pointed to the Christ . . .
Bravo, Lillian! So delightful! Congratulations on your placement.
Congrats on your win! Great job!
Congratulations on your well deserved EC! Excellence in writing will do it every time.
Congratulations on well deserved your win!
Congratulations on placing 3rd with this fun and amusing entry. Any parent can relate to the curious three-year-old-why stage. For many of us it was a walk down memory lane.
Oh, I love this tale. Your portrayal of PJ was excellent and the ending superb. Congratulations on your win.
I loved this story. It was good to have two stories about young children (that I have read so far) in the winners. Tell us more! I would love a sequel beginning where this one left off. Congratulations!
too cute! I loved it. I think most of us can relate to it.
Oh my gosh, I just saw this...congratulations, Lillian! Woohoo!!!