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Outstanding faith on display here. Well done.
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So sad, yet lovely with a great message and testimony of faith. Great job!
The emotions and the pain the MC felt leapt off the pages. The amazingly calm demeanor of his spouse as she lay dying is a very realistic portrayal of people with faith, I've seen this so many times in my life. I believe that Jesus provides full comfort and peace prior to their last breath.

Excellent work here and a prime example of how faith will lead you to peace...

God bless~
Wow, this is packed with vivid, realistic and powerful detail and emotion that takes hold of the reader! The beginning fooled me though; I thought the wife wanted a divorce. Perfectly on topic with its parallel views of “day’s end” with the added bonus of its message of faith! This is my absolute favorite of the entries I have read…it is just outstanding!
Ahh this really grabbed at my heart. The dialog was superb and really helped develop the characters. I didn't see the twist coming either and I'm always thrilled when that happens.
I found this story highly engaging. It kept my attention from beginning to end. I too thought at first that the wife wanted a divorce.
Your story would be devastating (earthly speaking), but from eternity's viewpoint, Sally has it right. Your writing is poignant and powerful. Great work!
Heartbreakingly beautiful. What a lovely portrayal of faith . . .
WOW! Powerful and compelling! I also thought the marriage was breaking up, which I'm sure was your intention. The twist was cleverly left until you had us feeling hostile towards the wife, then you dropped the bombshell. Great writing and a wonderful portrayal of faith.
Beautifully done. Love the faith expressed in this piece. I thought, "see you later, alligator" seemed a mite out of place. I get that the child probably talked that way, but it just jarred me. Just my opinion.

"this is only the end of one day. Eternity together follows this day just as surely as morning follows the darkness of night." Lovely!!
Very poignant read, with it's twist. Faith-filled. Thank you.
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