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LOVED it! The vivid, erratic memories are very evocative of half asleep thoughts. I could see it just as you described it. Excellent writing!
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I relived the day with you. The images were "picture" perfect, and without question you were on topic. Great ending, too.
Oh my gosh! This was so painfully poignant, it tugged on my heartstrings and didn't let go. Your words and the images, so true, so spot on. I often wonder about what happens to these individuals as we walk away into our "comfy" beds, and they have to scamper and search for shelter.
This is an award winner for me, by far the best descriptive piece about fellow brothers and sisters, who...there but for the grace of God go I...and it's told with a heart filled with love.

Excellent piece, and if this doesn't take first place...I'm awarding it to you myself!

God bless~
And I'll second the above comment. I'll join forces and give you the winning award. There are some truly amazing entries this week, but to me this one is exceptional. You captured the atmosphere superbly, and with all the little details pulled me right into the sorry plight of those homeless people. To know this is a factual piece makes it all the more poignant. Thank you for reminding me how easily any one of us could find ourselves in such a situation.
I join CD Swanson and Danielle King in voting this a true winner! It was so vividly powerful in its vision and message and grabbed the readers heart! I pray this motivates readers to do more than just feel sorry for the homelessbut to find some way to do something to help alleviate their suffering. It would be nice if this were fiction and no such situations existed, but we all know better. Thank you for the powerful reminder!

God bless~
Well done! Congratulations!!!
I went to work one morning and encountered a homeless man propped up against a dumpster. He was frozen to death. How long had he sat there, exhausted, no doubt hungry - and so tragically alone? I praise God for people who take God seriously, caring for His children.

Thank you for your heart and congratulations!
Hugs in, through and because of Him. Judi
Hebrews 10:26-31 KJV
Oh, this is so painful to read that it hurts. Thank you for portraying such truth so vividly and with such enormous challenge. I am glad this wonderful piece was placed, because it deserves it but also because many will read it. God bless you.
Thank you for this moving and gripping entry. Helping others is a humbling experience.I must ditto all the above comments and pray that your story stirs people to reach out to others as you have. So glad this placed on the EC list--it's a very deserving piece.
Oh my you reached into my soul with this one.
We went down to a homeless area this last Christmas morning attempting to share a little love and the hopelessness visible in the eyes of many who we spoke with was heart wrenching.

Beautifully illustrated piece of conviction.
This is wonderful. You have a way of putting us in the story, using all of our senses. Well done and congratulations.