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Well done. A delightful read.
Ditto Virgil's comment. Well crafted and thought out; beautifully written; wonderful story.
A lovely story with a different take on the topic. Well done.
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Creative entry, interesting to read and well crafted. Great stuff!
Well done, and well said. Good job with this fine piece.

God bless~
A delightful story with a lateral take on the subject and a great message about what really counts in the long run. I loved it.
You grabbed me with the tie to the chair! Witty, poignant and very entertaining. I love the purpose you wrote for Day's End . . .
Oops - I meant tie to the table . . .
Great way to show the importance of people and how they have helped us along the way. Nice story!
I loved the sentence "Her business suit life clashed with my denim dreams."

Great story--if only more elderly people could spend their last years in such a friendly setting as Day's End.
Your story is wonderfully inspiring and very well crafted. I completely enjoyed each character in the home (and their story). Well done!
It was a delightful and heartwarming read and from your telling I could envision nothing but fun and liveliness and love in that home with those “old” people! So glad Jessica finally saw that vision too by story’s end and allowed her sister, Jane, to continue being the caring person she was! Loved the message—if only more people in this world would realize so many more things in life are more important than money! Great job!
Good dialogue. My only word of caution would be to never use the topic of the Challenge directly in your story—though the temptation might be great. Most judges do NOT like that.
I really liked the twist on topic and felt it covered it nicely.

I enjoyed the sisterly banter which was well written.

My red ink is... yes, well..., maybe Day's End ran me out of time to find it.

Blessings, Graham.
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