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This is one of the most gorgeous descriptions of the Master Artist's creation of a sunset as I've ever read. With the onset of each glorious color, and then they "traded places like children at play." My favorite is the pronouncement that, "It is good" right before the "unseen hand dropped evening's curtain." I'll never tire of these images!
This piece explodes with creativity. I too enjoyed drinking in all the many colors. Such a well crafted work of art, well worth reading and savoring!
This is a lovely description of a sunset with its beautiful colors and color changes described so well. Beautiful!
This is absolutely wonderful and brimming with the beauty of the Glory of God. Just wonderful to read, and read again, - savouring the wonder of God's exquisite gifts and handiwork. Thankyou.
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WOW! What a mind blowing, magnificent, awe inspiring picture you painted with this amazingly creative poem. Such talent - and great for the topic. A winner in my book!
Very well done, beautiful exaltation to the Lord's handiwork. I always call everything that we see "God's masterpiece" at the end of all of my posts on my website, I give honor to the Lord by saying,
"Landscape by God..."

Great job with this lovely poem.

God bless~
Outstanding and lovely piece, a masterpiece of visuals. Terrific job!
This creates a beautiful picture and carried me back to one of my favorite memories. My daughter was around 5 and it was my birthday. We saw a glorious sunset. I told her it was God's birthday present for me. Weeks later, we saw another beautiful painting in the sky. She gasped and said, "Look Mommy, it must be someone's birthday!" Now when we see a pretty sunset we say, "It must be someone's birthday." Thank you for taking me back to one of the loveliest days I've had. Great take on the topic too.
This is just plain GORGEOUS! A JOY of a read.