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BRILLIANT!!! A laugh a line and sometimes more. I missed a few, like A-ra-rat until I re-read in order to count up. (Yes, DizziDanni is proud to announce that she has now groan into a prime punster!)I'd forgotten the topic until you brought the elephant out of hide-ing.
OK, I'll stick with the day job! This one is destined for high places and will give a lot of readers a lot of laughs along the way. Superbly crazy!
This brought a smile to my face. I think only one punster could make me groan like this but time will tell. I've heard it tell puns can be catchy. You gave me a giggle and I appreciate it immensely.
I lost count after 30.i should have asked the sloth to lend a toe. I concur with Dec, I'm not an expert punner and will leaf it to you to tree-t us. I can hear the groans from here. :-)
You definitely know how to have pun with a story!! My favorite was smelling A - ra - rat! I didnt keep track, but I am pretty sure Ive groan a lot reading this! But it was delightful!
I love your play on words here.
This is indeed a fine work of art! My feeble brain could not keep up but it made me smile from here to there. I don't know how you do it, but this was a joy and a wonder to read.!
As eye eyeballed this to my hubby, and tried to explain your crazy word play to my sister, aye found myself laughing sew hard - well, at my age it is not wise to laugh sew hard unless a path to the bathroom is clear.

Eye wish I had a teacher like ewe when I was young - Aye would have lived for your wit and wisdom. Ah well, I can do so now, can't eye?
Wow! You certainly must have had a lot of fun writing this one. I can imagine the laughter. :) I loved the lightheartedness of the piece. A true joy and delight to read.
Excellent. Masterful as always! I love your humor. I recognized a couple very old jokes in there, which become fresh with each new generation. The hee-hawing one is a favorite of mine that I'd nearly forgotten.

Thank you for the lesson! I am constantly learning from writers like you.

Keep sending them in!

Merry Christmas!
You obviously had great fun writing this. Such panda-monium on the aark!

Keep up the great work, Noel. I hope you receive a high score for your story.
I'm pretty sure I got them all. :) Poor Noah, what he didn't No-ah, didn't hurt him, I guess. I completely enjoyed this "OT story paraphrased by Noel." You make FW a better place to read. :)
Congratulations Happy Dance!
How I love to read your crazy, original and never boring articles! You are a great encourager, and I would let you be my mentor, but, knowing you - you might enjoy being a tor mentor! Congratulations on your well-deserved win!

Love & Hugs in, through and because of Jesus, the Christ,

Judi Hebrews 10:26-31 KJV
And a Happy Dance from me too. Congratulations you nut-case!
Gotta love the puns in this! "Noah else to go... panda-monium... apolar-gise... I like to make puns too, but not everyone appreciates them. You've encouraged me to go for it! Congrats on your EC.
Borrowing from your story Noel...
There is Noah else I'd like to be!
Ah you Faith writers never fail to keel me over with your talent.
Mind boggling brilliance everywhere I look.