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This tugs at the heart strings without getting syrupy, because of its evident research. A minor typo is a switch in Delainey's name to Riley at the close, but I doubt if the judges will be too tough.
A very well written and heartwarming story. It is so sad that even in this day and age some people still treat people with disabilities with distain and/or avoidance. Good message you wove around the topic!
This is a sweet, heartwarming story and a different take on the topic. For the elephant in the room to be at the expense of a beautiful child is sad, that others would react that way. So goes life, but the MC is a strong, loving parent who made it all alright for the child. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, and if it is true, your daughter is truly blessed to have you for a Mom.

Blessings, Lynn
Aw, this is a beautiful and heart warming story of a mother's love and determination to protect her child from thoughtless, mindless people who should know better. She did an amazing job too, as her daughter turned out to be a well balanced young lady. This is so well written that I fully expected it to be a true story. Great job! And it's good to see you back.
This was so very sweet. The characters were realistic and I loved the intimacy of the story.
Wonderful piece. I like your set-up to relate the tale as the retelling of a story.

Can't offer anything red, because, well you are you, highly advanced, and I would not feel confident in doing so.

Thank you for the good read!
My brother was born with cleft palate/cleft lip. He went through countless surgeries to correct it, and still has the visible marks of his cleft lip. Dentures were necessary because of the weakness of his palate to have teeth. My mom had to feed him with a syringe in his early years because he didn't have sucking ability to drink from a bottle.

Anyway, in your word document, there is a way to search and replace. It's a great way to ensure that when changing a name all the previous name(s) are caught and changed. I do it all the time.
Beautiful! I felt the mother's pain as I read this sweet story.
You have the gift of writing beauty so that it imprints on the hearts reading it. What more could any writer wish for . . .

Please "throw a brick" for others to enjoy, comment and support your writing:

Hebrews 10:26-31 KJV
Definitely a heart connector. You portray your characters so well and lead us through the challenges of the mom and child with gentle grace. Thanks for bringing understanding with story.
The elephant of ignoring a disability or deformity is, sadly, too often present in social gatherings.

A wonderful story! And you've just given me an idea for a non-fiction story I'd like to write, on how words [or lack of them] can be cruel.
Aww, sweet story. I grew up with a fairly serious learning disorder, and was blessed that my parents also worked very hard not to let the "elephants bite."
Oh the gems I missed while I was away from FW! This was lovely.
And again, thanks for your constant encouragement of others.
Aww, this is sweet!

I have two kids (teens now) on the autism spectrum, and one of those is also bipolar. I know how it feels when your child doesn't fit in. That's good advice for all of us. Don't let the elephants bite!