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You are an excellent narrator of biblical passages. I love the way you add snippets here and there to build a wider picture of the scenario and to help with the meaning and truth of the passage.

'Simeon's never seen Jesus - or you either.' Now daft as it sounds, that never occurred to me before.

You brought this chapter to life and it's fitting for the topic too. Job's a good 'un!
Very well done. Nice job with this familiar Biblical miracle.

God bless~
Like a red flag indeed - waving Jesus' miraculous healing to those who only responded to the letter of God's Law, and not to the heart of it.

Circumcised hearts? Some day, I pray . . .
As usual, you have come up with a brilliant storyline. The way you took this bible passage and made it your own is beautiful.

I enjoyed this one so much!
I'm with you Noel. This one always cracks me up to. They are going to condemn God himself as a sinner for working on the Sabbath and then turn around and tell this guy "you are going to tell us how God works?"


Great job with this one. Your characters, narrative, pace and scene were all spot on. This is definitely one of my favorites!
Congratulations Noel! Great job.

God bless~
CONGRATS ON YOU EC! Well done and deserved!
I'd be blind not to see the insight you show in unveiling biblical passages like this to the rest of us who are observing your skillful presentation. Well done and thank you for opening our eyes to this reality of ongoing human questioning about Jesus and what he's done.
Always a joy and learning experience to read your work
! Congratulations!
Hebrews 10:26-31 KJV

There is a lot of amaze the reader in that story. I think my favorite is when the formerly blind man asked the Pharisees if they wanted to become Jesus' followers too. :) This is perfect for the topic. A friend of mine posted this quote on Facebook, "The world will tell you 'you made your bed, now lay in it' Jesus tells you 'your sins are forgiven. take up your bed and walk'." (author unknown)