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This well written entry is definitely timely and on-topic.
Great job! Great points! Many years ago my wife and I were involved in children's ministry at a church that brought in a new children's curriculum that was being produced by one of those mega churches that have sprouted up around the U.S. in the last dozen years.

In their training materials, they focused on how we had to make our children's programming resemble what the kids saw on TV to properly engage and get their attention. Little 10 min. episodes of flash with commercial breaks of the Gospel.

God is not something we are selling during the commercial breaks at church! Needless to say, we refused to embrace the new curriculum. So they got someone else that would and we started our own search for a church that was genuinely seeking God.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this experience with us. I went off on a mini-rant, but this truly was well written, and you obviously did a good job of stirring up my righteous indignation. :)

Thanks for sharing!
Great title along with a great story! This was powerful, truthful, and a clever way to approach the topic, which you so obviously nailed!

This reminds me of our search for a church, so many years ago. We went from place to place, and almost verbatim of what you described here.

Excellent message along with a stellar entry!

God bless~
Congrats! God bless~
That rings true with me too. Congratulations on your EC placing with this timely piece.
Great way to present one of our enemies greatest deceptions. As you wrote 'having a form of Godliness' and leading people down the wide path!