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Thanks for a happy trip into the Groan Zone as you led us through all those puns in a fun read.
Hah! With all of those horrible puns, I figured this one was Noel's for sure - but then he commented, so I guess not!

Aside from all of the bad, and I mean REALLY terrible, puns (that's a compliment, by the way), there was a great message layered beneath. This is exactly what a wolf in sheep's clothing looks like. He doesn't just get close enough to eat you, he gets you, and everyone you influence, to lead a more dangerous life - one that brings you further and further from the safety of the shepherd. I love how in the end you showed how the shepherd was still looking out for the lost sheep, even though they though he wasn't around anymore.

Great job! I love this entry.
How very clever you are to get such silly words to give a great message. (And I thought it was Noel's, too!)
This was great! I smiled and really enjoyed it all the way through.

Nicely done.

God bless~