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Anyone talking from that end of the horse would surely be telling tails, and we'd all take astern view of that.;-)
Loved the humour that builds up with the suspense in a well-crafted entry.
I loved this story. It's unfortunate how much gossip is spread through prayer requests!
Nothing worse than gossip and bearing false witness on our brothers and sisters. It can burn out of control as your entry so clearly demonstrates.

Good job and well written.

God bless~
Wow two weeks in a row! You rock! Happy Thanksgiving Dance!
Congratulations on your win. This is a fantastic read.
Fabulous look at how gossip comes straight away from the 'wrong end.'
Loved this entertaining and wise piece.
Congratulations on back to back 1st place ribbons-Go Graham!!

Congrats! God Bless~
Congratulations Graham on your 1st place win. It's well deserved for this, unfortunately-true-to-life story. Humorous and well written.
Great job with this. It was hilarious! Congratulations.
This is good, this is very, very good - not only the writing, but the moral of the story. So many churches can relate to this kind of gossip mill.
CONGRATULATIONS! You've captured just how gossip is passed around! Good Message.
Oh, this is great! I loved this. Enjoy your BoB crown this year.
Congratulations Graham! I hope you do write that spiritual warfare book. I would love to read it! Enjoy your well deserved BoB year!
I was getting tense just reading this story! What a great take on the topic, and the message--well, we sure need it!

Great job, and congratulations on winning the BoB award!!!
This could be the story in just about any community and any church. Gossip is probably one of Satan's best weapons he has in his near limitless arsenal. It is scary in that there have been so many good Christian folk that have been destroyed by gossip.

May we all refrain from this, and shield ourselves with God's armor that can withstand any weapon Satan has at his disposal.

God Bless!
I love this! Great writing, easy to read!
Excellent read . I enjoyed every word . Well done .
Nice! Excellent job!!
That's hilarious!!!! A very accurate representation of how idle speaking only makes fools of those who practice it. Thank you for this!!! God bless!!!!
Good way to get the point across.
Absolutely HILARIOUS and sadly, so true.

What an awesome delivery of a much needed message! :)