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Great story! Wonderful punnery! I think I may have guessed the author correctly too. Most amusing and a great read. (I had the final line planned as my punchline and started 2 poems which were going to end that way - neither was finished or entered.) Well done, and much better than mine would have turned out, had I completed it.
I'm speechless, a smile is the best I can do!

Wing His Words

This is very clever!

Great job!
Sub title: Dinner's Served. Now that's swamp news a frog can use. You bet'cha.
Now I know, without a shadow of doubt in my mind, you are totally bonkers! However, whoever you are, this has got to be the best one yet. It is so funny and clever and non-sensical. It's bound to be a winner!
I loved the puns and the creativeness of this story. It really had me laughing.

I hope it is a winner this week!
Worthy of a Swinefield award! So incredibly pfunny! You never disappoint - never!
Brilliant. I don't know how you do it. A frog writer. Your play on words amazes me. Awesome and such a delight to read. Blessings!
I hope you had as much fun writing this as I did reading it! What a wonderful swirl of words has to be swimming in your brain and what a clever craft it is to connect and weave them into a story that makes sense and makes your readers laugh! Thanks for sharing this special gift.
Hahahahaha! As always your talent is immeasurable and your entries a constant joy to read.

Your mind is really special!

A swine job my friend!

God bless~
Okay. SO I opened all the "brick" links in tabs, not worrying about who's was who's. But I knew the moment I read this that this one was yours. :) Great humor here, and yes, it was a bit pun-ishing. But it wasn't a pig-let down. ;)
Congratulations on ranking 15 overall!
I am amazed when I read your writings! "Time's fun when your having flies" and "turning swine into water" to name a couple of your brilliant thoughts. You take a story, shake it up, spin it around, toss it in the air and then voila! The chin of your reader starts dropping within the first sentence or two, and the mouth stays open till the finish. For this story that could have been a dangerous scenario, as superfly might have taken a liberty and entered uninvited. :) Super entry!