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I really enjoyed this. You packed so much into this story. I loved the humor. I wondered for a while what 'P.U.' was. Little kids comments always make a good story. Are you looking forward to the next trip? Very original!
What a sweet story, and filled with levity throughout the entire piece! I loved this well written and completely endearing tale, it made me squeal with delight!

Well done.

God bless~
Yes Samantha,turkeys can fly, I enjoyed the trip to the farm and the characters you created. Well done.
This is cute, sweet and comical. Great for the piggy topic, but PU? I'm a bit dumb but I know what it meant in my long ago nursing days. Ha!
Thoroughly entertaining! Mixed with humor and wisdom, I could truly picture the children's trip to the farm.
Sweet and charming!
This is lovely. The subtle humor and descriptions make it seem like a true to life story. I have always wondered if turkeys fly myself. Really enjoyed this entry, one of the best so far.
I love this. As the reader, I felt like I was a secret guest invited on the day's adventure and privy to the inner thoughts of your MC.
:) This is cute!

I got was "P.U." meant,but in reading other comments, I see that others didn't. I think that could have been solved with some simple re-arranging.

The boys hold their noses when they run toward a pigpen. "P.U!" The girls step back from the repugnant smell.

Great job with this.
Cute and lovely. I really enjoyed reading the story.

Good job and God bless!!
Delightful read. Your characters were real and easily won my heart. I loved that the father went on the field trip. (My nephew is always the only man in his little girl's school trips as a chaperone, so I can understand the father's anxiety.) I just loved the way the teacher turned the question on the child to think out the answer for herself. Great job!
Very entetaining. Held my attention.:)

Julie Andre'
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