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HaHaHaHa! You have captured this reader's attention, with your attention to detail and out of the box thinking. And of course the liberal sprinkling of humour, as always, sealed it. I was intrigued, from the other side of the world, by young Henry and his fascination with detail. There has to be a genetic link there somewhere, as I produced two kids just like Henry! Entertaining story with a purrfect ending.
This is cute.

I would have started with one of his questions, and made this more conversational. I think that would have been a better hook. Something like this, perhaps.

"Mom, Is the vacuum just a broom that eats dirt?"

I shook my head, bewildered. Where did my child come up with these questions? He was so good at it, I nick-named him the "multi-asker."
Sorry. I hit "return" before I intended to.

I meant to say that I loved the part about the spelling of vacuum with the double u. (Would that make it vacwm? ;))

Great job on this.
How could you not love a kid who has a mind that comes up with questions like that? :) (our middle child was our endless questioner) :) This is a super entry, entertaining, engaging, and with that humour we've come to expect from you! I'm smiling!
I like the term you've coined: 'multi-asker'. It fits certain type of kid like the Henry of your story. An entertaining take on the topic. Well done!
Hahahahaha. I loved it!
I also really liked the title.

This had me smiling ear to ear. Nicely done.

God bless~