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Ha-haI wonder what grade the instructor gave for that inventive answer to his quiz! Loved this, a delightful read!
I love the line about the MC's buddy's "pen smoking." We've all been there! How many of us have glanced around the room during exam time, watching everyone else scribble away while we draw a blank - fun read. I, too, wonder what grade the MC received!
Oh... good gracious me!

Please don't wear a dress,
I'll hazard a guess,
You've got knobbly knees
And you'll feel a slight breeze,
And as for your spark
That divided the dark,
It will glow far and wide
Then your dress you can't hide,
We will laugh from afar
'Cos we know who you are,
Then we'd have to confess
You look daft in a dress,
So stick with the 'oughtas'
From the tutor that taughtyas!

And don't give up the day job just yet. Ha!
Delightful and witty, and yet somehow pretty. Thanks for the mile wide smile on my face just now. Loved it.

Don't look now, but the poet in your pen is smoking to get out!