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So sad that behavior like Donna’s happens in real life all the time, those who let a little bit of power rule over common sense and compassion. You have told a wonderful story with powerful messages! It is so sad how often disability related terms are still used in demeaning speech! I am so glad justice was done in the workplace in this story (wish reality always ended like that!) and I love how your story ended with forgiveness. Great job!
Whoa..this one had me with the first line and all the way to the end. Gripping story. Donna got her due, I'm afraid. Clarrisa stood strong with Christ! Loved the whole well written, faith packed story. Excellence in writing once again!
Your title caught my attention and your compelling story kept me hooked to the very end of the piece. Excellent job.
Grrrrr - I almost blew a fuse when I heard that word. Having had the same derogatory term used towards my own learning disabled sons, I was happy to see Donna get the boot. That is so very not a Christian attitude! I'll work on it. HaHa.

Your story flowed well and was original for the topic. It certainly held my attention to the end. Great job.
Wow! There is so much passion here, which you have detailed with a powerful mix of precision and objectivity. And all put together as soon as the topic was announced. In my humble opinion - since I have so much to be humble about - this is a winner.
Wow! What a powerful story. My eyeballs almost popped out of my head on the word retard. That is such an offensive word and people use it often. I'm a firm believer in words themselves don't hurt but it's the intention behind them. You showed how vicious the intentions were in this.

The only red ink I might suggest would be not to tie the ending up quite so neatly. Sometimes open endings can be the most powerful because it can seem more realistic as well how the reader needs to have it end.

Your message is powerful. I could feel my blood pressure rise as I read. In a good way, of course. You did a wonderful job of creating a vivid picture in my head. Great and powerful writing.
Amazing story! Glad things worked in Clarissa's favor in the end. God bless.