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This was an amazing story that held a strong authentic tone. The son reaching out to his father, only to be shunned, and then praying is a true Christian in good form. Excellent story. I loved this powerful entry.

I loved the ending in that it gives us hope, because prayer and God can change eveything.

God bless~
Wow, what a powerful piece you've crafted here! The sad part is that it is not all that rare a story; the glorious part is that, as you have indicated, there is always hope and prayer is both the weapon and the key. Very moving. Thank you for this well-done article.
Such a tremendously sad storyyet also, such an encouraging story of faith. Good reminder that heartfelt prayer often runs both waysministering both to the giver and receiver. Excellent entry!
What a heart wrenching situation, but the message is beautiful and will stay with me. It's so true that we often think of prayer as the least we can do, but it really is the most.

Congrats on your above and beyond well deserved EC!
I loved this story, it was a fav of mine.

God Bless~

P.S. "I pray you're feeling better..."
Hey Shann, this is a powerful piece written straight from the heart and with a great message. I suspect there may be some personal truths in there too. Congratulations on your EC. And in your own words - Happy Dance.
Congrats on your E.C.! Are you up for joining us in a happy dance? If not, no problem; we're dancing anyway.
Congratulations Shann on your EC win! This emotion packed, powerful message entry so deserved to place! Applause!
Congratulations on taking 10th place with this sad and compelling entry. Shann, the message is one worth repeating over and over---Prayer packs a lot of power!
I'm behind on my reading, but glad I found this one which was certainly worth my time to read. God bless,
I can see why this got an EC. Well written and intense with pain and hope. Hugs.
Congrats on the EC Shann. I liked the sweet ending, especially blessing "What's-her-name". Great writing and a story that though sad, is all too much like what happens too many times in today's world. Your message is subtle, yet powerful. Forgiveness is a healing balm that comforts broken and hurting hearts. I believe God has given you this story telling ability to help comfort people just like your MC.
Way to go, Shann! What a nice lift after your hospital stay. I didn't get any entries read this last couple of weeks (hubby with heart issues - but fine now) but this is a great story. Well deserved EC. Congratulations!
Congratulations Shann! I was really hoping to see your name on the EC list and I wasn't disappointed. This is a beautiful story. Hugs!
Your story was sad, but what an encouraging ending. Thanks for the reminder of the importance and the power of prayer. We must pray for our loved ones, our friends, and even our enemies. You are a gifted writer.
Shann - you have proven why I eagerly anticipate your extremely helpful comments. You have helped shape me into not just a struggling writer, but a dare-devil put it there gal! I love you.

Congratulations! God bless you. KJV Heb 10:26-31
KJV Rev 14:12
I don't always have time to read other entries but so glad I did today! This was awful. And wonderful. <3 Good message, but please tell me it wasn't based on real life . . .
Your story is a tragic example of families torn apart. I just don't understand how anyone would make a man or women choose them over their children.
Oh yes I suppose I do...we have an enemy and your ending described our most powerful weapon to defeat him.
Well done and yay on your EC placing! All while recovering from the hospital. Pretty amazing.