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I'm sure I missed opportunities to share the gospel for the very same reasons as your MC. However, the older I get, the words seem to come easier at those opportune moments. As your story tells, we never know if we'll get those second chances. Thanks for sharing a message we all need to heed.
Oh my goodness, what a powerful and sobering story. Your story will bear witness to all those who read it, and your friend's loss of life, will not be in vain. This is a story that will remain with the reader, long after it's over.

God knows your heart, and it's a good one. Thank you for sharing this important message with us.

God bless~
I saw the footnote at the end and pushed the send button before correcting my wording. I realize it was something that happened to a "friend of yours, " and not you per se`

Excellent story, and I pray that your friend will find peace through God's grace.

God bless~
You've clearly described a scenario that is all too common. It's not just missed moments, but the regret and grief that often follow them.
Yet regret and grief are fed by the idea that we "witness to" people instead of "witnessing with" them.
When people share their concern about any issue - as Jim did with your MC - we have a God-given opportunity to respect their concern, to share how we personally experience God's care, and to invite them to see - or to witness - how he may already be at work in that issue. This approach is less scripted, but I've found that it helps people to be more open to their next step - rather than a leap - towards new life through Jesus Christ.
It also helps to make witnessing more personal and free of pressure and guilt.
End of sermon.
This is a powerful story. How sad that we get caught up with life that we forget the reason why we are living. This is a powerful reminder and happens far more than we know.

Yes!!! Excellent job my friend...Congrats on your well deserved EC.

I loved it. Well done.

God Bless~
A sobering and thought provoking story, particularly as it's true. Congratulations on your EC win for this well written and on topic entry.
Sobering. I weep with your friend. I echo Noel/s comments. Every situation provides an opportunity to show we desperately need Jesus. The Romans Road tracts are just words when not shared in our ordinary conversations. We love Jesus. It shows. Souls are attracted. I love this piece.

Congratulations! God bless you. KJV Heb 10:26-31
KJV Rev 14:12
I know there are numerous instances of missed opportunities which God has placed before me, because the feeling of 'I should've' is tangible.
I pray that when the Holy Spirit prompts any of us, we realize that like your MC we may be the last chance someone has to hear the Gospel.