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I liked this story and loved the message at the end.

God bless~
Loved your vivid word pictures in this fast-flowing entry, which helped us to climb inside your MC's head, and your strong, positive close.
Lots of punch packed into this short entryimagery, emotion and message so powerful!
You have some vivid descriptions in these piece. My favorite is being swallowed by the couch. I enjoyed reading it.

You might have had a stronger beginning had you not started out with the universal you and shared what the MC was feeling. For example: I felt exhausted, even though I had just crawled out of bed.

Though I wish you had written more about the video the daughter was making, I thought the ending was super powerful. I could hear the screeching of the baby and see things click in the MC's head. It's a great message and one we can all relate to.
Congrats! God Bless~
Wow, so humbled to have gotten an EC on this. I wrote it after putting the groceries away--it was just after 9PM on Wednesday night and I hadn't written anything for the contest yet. A sit down, write, read to my hubby once, do an edit and send.
But, I think that's how my expired, tired, voice came through . . . because I WAS! LOL And Shann, I will see if a topic comes up that I can share about my talk. Filming today! Be praying! :) Hopefully to find time to go back and read other entries. Run, run, run. See Jane Run!
Congratulations! Happy Dance!!
Congratulations Lori on your EC win! This powerful message story so deserved to win! We do not know what others are going through and all too often judgment is placed without understanding!
You reminded me of my Chronic Fatigue moments! Drugged and dragging. Thank God for Him - times like this are bearable through Him. Thank you Lord . . .

Congratulations! God bless you. KJV Heb 10:26-31
KJV Rev 14:12
Great advise in a your succinct entry. Congrats on your EC placing.