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Wow - that was a powerful execution that resonated truth and insight along with a prolific message.

I was impressed with your ability to bring forth valid reasons and situations which will touch home with many people reading this well-written entry.

THe "name it and claim it" particularly hit home, I have a friend who is in this "phase" right now, and that is all she is espousing about the Bible, nothing more, nothing less.

Well done and well said Chaplain!

God bless~
Aye. You've hit the nail on the head. And the next time the Holy Spirit entrusts you with a gift of healing for someone, and you pray and you pray inaccordance with His will, expect a miracle! God bless you.
What touched a chord with me was having faith in your faith. This was a good article. It shed clear light on what can sometimes be a very grey area.
I especially loved the line about "our illness is not terminal, but transitional." This writing brought me a great deal of peace and serenity. Thanks for sharing, my friend. This is excellent!
This really hit home on many levels. We are in the midst of a long trial now, and all I hear is name it, claim it. It really hasn't happened in 8 years, so in our case I don't think that is the answer. Thanks for reminding me that God has reasons for everything He does. Really good article!
Excellent advise given in a diplomatic yet potent manner. Well written, thank you.
Sometimes God says "Yes, sometimes "No, and sometimes "Wait." But, in all things rejoice for God will never leave you or forsake you. The clarity of your writing always makes for a refreshing read.
Powerful writing! You give a lot of insight and ideas on which to meditate in such a short piece. Great job.
This is definitely the longest piece I've seen you write! And it's very informative, for sure. I agree with you and some things you wrote, I just never thought about in the way you said. Thank you for sharing!
Thanks for sharing your gifting and experiential knowledge with us in your interesting article.
Oh how I can relate to this piece. I've suffered with chronic pain and shingles for 25 years and can't tell you how many times someone has said if I had more faith I would be healed. I still go to healing services and pray for healing, but I also can see the wonderful ways God has used my illness as a way to glorify Him. My three kids are amazing examples, they wouldn't be as caring and dedicated to serving had they not experienced what they did in their childhood. Oh how I fretted that when they were grown they would hate or resent me. Though they may have moments of what-ifs, they also are wonderful and close to me. Your words will bless many as well as open some eyes. Congratulations on ranking 35 overall!