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I hope the coins inserted were low denomination coins for such useless informatiom. An unusual story but fun.
I expect many people wish serving God and getting into heaven was as easy as plopping a few coins into a machine. Well written. God bless!
This piece was brilliant and scaled many issues of today. I loved your reference pertaining to "perfunctory" and lifeless "robots"...Your facetious commentary in your portrayals of the "outcome" for salvation and the "absence of feelings" and knowledge as Christians, was palpable and jumped out at me, and I smiled in recognition of how many "robots" I've encountered in my life, and occassionally, still do.

I loved this oustanding,profound, clever, fresh out of the box litany!!! Excellent!

God bless~
Congratulations on placing with this vividly imaginative story with a much needed message for today.
Truly a masterpiece of creativity. I'm so happy you placed in the EC with this unique and entertaining piece.
Oomph! Quite a punch you pack! I am so glad we aren't called to be robots! We are free to love God without restraint! Thank you.

Hugs, Judi

Praise YHWH. Hebrews 10:26-31, Revelation 12:17