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Delightful and lovely. Loved the name "buzzybodies" That may be the new name I call my nosy neighbor. Haha..just kidding.No, I'm not.... Just a wonderful, creative story that would be great for kids!
Good writing, and good reminder to keep on as Christians "humming our praise" however other people may react. This is a lovely approach to the topic; it left me with a picture of fluttering, colorful wings.
Delightful! Melli reminds me so much of my daughter Melanie. She sings continuously and loves to write praise songs to God.
this was a very playful piece, and yet, thought-provoking. a sweet reminder that we do what we do for His glory, and there is where we can rest.
This is a lovely story about Melli and her buzzing song of praise. It would be good children's story but its message is great for us adults too.
Wow, I really loved the ending. Powerful.
What a delightful piece this is and it carries the message with it too. I almost wrote on a similar theme but now I'm glad I didn't. I wouldn't have done it half as well as you did. Loved it.
I felt like I was in the flower garden. I loved the way you developed Melli and I could see her flitting between flowers drinking the sweet nectar and mulling over her need to praise her creator. Someone suggested this would make a good children's story. I agree. Beautiful.
I love how Melli is praising her creator with her life. This would be perfect for illustrations. Congrats, Stina!
This is delightful, but with a lesson! I too love the term 'buzzybodies' - very descriptive. What lovely lessons here on praise to our God - that is unstoppable. Great story.
Great children's story!
Congratulations on your EC!