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You captured my interest right from the beginning with your graphic descriptiveness. If this is a prophetic picture of the west, it parallels how Soviet secularism was undone by the babushka - the grandmothers - who were trusted with raising their grandchildren when parents had to work. These ladies retold bible stories which took root in the hearts and minds of the coming generation.
God bless.
We never need to lose sight of the fact that God's Word says His children will be persecuted. Thank you for your very thought- provoking story.
Well written and interesting. There is great great power in God's Word, whether reading, saying, singing, or humming it. Your entry says that to me.
Well thought through - well told. Thank you, and God bless you.
I enjoyed reading your story and thought about how it reflects what has already happened in some places. I liked the irony of the Federation calling their mandate the Pax et Benedictio. Well written!
Very well written semi-futuristic story...we see elements of it now all around. I liked your hopeful theme that we can always have His peace and blessing and sing His words in our heart.
Congratulations, Dear Friend, on EC. This is one of my favorite stories of all-time in the challenge--So well written!
Wow Beth, this is amazing, and so powerful. What a fantastic reminder that in the very darkest times - (past and future), nothing can stop the moving of God's Spirit and the power of the Gospel of our God. As always, wonderful writing. Thankyou.
Nice goin', Beth. You've done very well this year. Hooray!
Oh wow! Chilling!

Congratulations on your EC!
So glad that you earned a spot on the EC list with this thought-provoking, gripping and creative piece. Again, your writing never disappoints your readers. You are consistently entertaining. God bless,
Fantastic, not so futuristic tale. I was humming the Todd Agnew version of Fannie's wonderful hymn. Have you heard it? Jazzy and bluesy yet true to the message. Very cool-thanks and congrats.