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Oh my goodness, this story was so beautiful and powerful. I have tears blurring my vision. You did a phenomenal job with your little girl, and your mom's legacy lives on through you and your little one. One day she'll be doing the same to her little one as well.

Thank you for this poignant and heartwrenching story. My condolences for your loss, I don't know if this was an "old story" or recent. But, my dad died 14 years ago this July 1, and I still miss him.

God bless you~
This is so good! I loved the humanness of it, as well as the love. I could sympathize with both the mommy and little daughter. Thanks for writing.
You've done well with this moving story. I enjoyed it. Thanks.
Awwww so many good messages in this story. I think any mom would relate to these types of mother/daughter exchanges. Well done!
You sound a lot like my mother..she would scold and then love. I enjoyed this wonderful story so much. Excellent writing, as usual, and thanks for sharing this intimate part of your life with us!
The story is powerful with emotion and meaning.
Nice job with this one, Shann! I love it.
So sweet and beautiful. Your writing just carries the reader on a wonderful ride.
Beautiful story detailing the special relationship your mother had with you and what you will be able to pass on down to the generations which come behind.
Awww, very sweet. Hugs.
Such a sweet yet powerful story of mother/daughter relationships. The raw emotion was vividly portrayed from the mother's point of view and drew the reader right into the situation. Great job.
Shann, I just read this very well written story! You captured the anquish a new Mom feels when her support system is gone. Thank God He forgives all of us "unperfect" Moms.
This story brought tears to my eyes. I am not a "Mommy", but I am a caregiver to my older sister, and I often get cross with her. I tell myself that she can't help it that she gets confused...Thanks for telling your story, and reminding yourself--and me--that "Mommies" aren't perfect...Blessings, Helen