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Oh wow, what a different and unique take on the whole rattled topic! This has a great flow to it, such creative word choices, and I love the happy ending. Great job.
Oh wow! Wow! Wow! Of course I wanted her to walk up and ring the door bell or for him to run after her. :( But you ended it right - you left the reader wanting more. Evil, evil:)
Well deserving of first place. I love this poem--beginning to end. Congratulations for crafting this amazing poem.
Congratulations on your 1st place win!
Great Poem. I like the rhythm and refrain. I like the story. Well done!
From title, opening sentence, and to the conclusion, this was indeed a winner. Congratulations!
Well deserved first place!A beautiful poem full of rich imagery. Congratulations.
Will she see it?
The bouquet of white daisies
So bright and clean,
Gathered in a golden bow,
Placed between two bins of trash.
What a beautiful picture of hope in this world. May we all see it, placed there by the One who loves us.
Your piece is absolutely captivating.
Well done and congratulations for your EC win with this spectacular piece.
Congrats Francy! Great job!
Beautiful! This is magnificent! Congratulations!
Wow! Congrats on an amazing piece of writing. The form was outstanding and the word pictures were so good. A very moving and creative piece, worthy of top honors! :-)