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Your funny story has a great message. It is a perfect example to share and encourage others in their relationships. I'll remember this next time I'm tempted to argue over something that doesn't matter. Nice job.
Great job! I smiled and enjoyed this creative story...nice approach to the topic at hand. Loved it

God bless~
Kudos to the characters for recognizing this for what it was - an opportunity to exercise maturity. Often such incidents end rather badly. Good job displaying perspective.
Nice devotional piece with very appropriate passages. I did find a bit of conflict discerning what the woman's emotions were. One minute, she's trying to stifle her laughter at the situation, and then she's angry. Maybe if we see the transition from one extreme to another a bit more clearly. It certainly points out how we can allow the most meaningless events be blown way out of proportion!
Your story is such a good example of how we can flare up over the smallest things in our own lives. It showed maturity in how they handled their situation. The scriptures fit right in with the story. A good lesson to remember when things just don't go right. I really enjoyed reading your article. Great job!
Great story, well written with a super message. Thanks for sharing.
It is so easy to let little things blow up into big things, especially in family relationships. Your showed is this very well.
Really great way to showcase a lesson in love and maturity!
Humble humor usually always softens an angry outburst.
How true to life; how often do we let our emotions get the better of us. Nice job using humor to teach about anger! Well written; thanks for sharing.
Yours is a replica of many homes. It must always be handled with love. Thanks for sharing.
Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations Cheryl. Good job. God bless!