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Beautifully written this touching emotional tale. I loved the underlying "hope" and tender moments that were left "unsaid." Great job!

God bless~
Great story of giving as she tends to her brother. I enjoyed this. If the story continued, I would hope to read she followed her dream.
Yes, I too yearn to know if her dream comes true. But your writing excels by not letting us know, by making us care, by making us hope, by leaving so many questions unanswered, by leaving us wanting to reach out and support. Great job.
You drew me into this story. I wanted to know more about this girl who was a mother before her time. I loved the bit of hope at the end. Congratulations on your 2nd place EC!
Congratulations on your EC's 2nd place and coming first in level 4. You really deserve them.
Congratulations on your EC's 2nd place and coming first in level 4. You really deserve them.
Such a tender story. Your descriptions drew me in. I wanted to know more about your MC. Great development of your characters. Congrats on your level placing and your 2nd place EC.
Oh, this was a wonderful story that stretched the range of emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Congratulations on your 1st place finish in Level 4 and 2nd overall.
Congratulations on your thoroughly-deserved win. Your characters are drawn so credibly that you aren't so much showing instead of telling, but you are inviting us into the scenario. I love how you have allowed the promise to sidle up on us, to break into your MC's mix of frustration, duty and care, without wrapping up with a "happily ever after." Great work.
Congratulations on your second place in the EC. It is very well-deserved! Your emotional story gripped me from start to finish. Your MC was well-drawn and it was easy to empathise with her. Great writing!
Lovely and touching story of family sacrifice. Well done and congratulations on your 1st place win.
Congrats Francy! Great entry! God bless!