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Funny, well written story.
That really is a great way to start the day, or should I say ways to start the day?
Thanks for sharing.
I loved this article with a little bit of whimsical humor and yet it gets right to the point. Cleansing from within and from without. Just love it.
Ha! Loved it. Such a clever story. Morning Constitutional Devotional... I'm still laughing!

I loved your word-play... masterful use of the word "cheeky". I stumbled on the words "tax paying", but that's an easy fix.

Great job! Blessings.

Priceless. Still smiling ear to ear. I too thorughly agree with having a morning constitutional devotional after my drip coffee has set things in motion :-}
Ya know you're getting old kiddies, when this is an acceptable topic of conversation. hehe
Clever and fun! Well done.
I'm smiling. You've given us a good point to ponder. We could all use daily spiritual constitutionals.
I started to pass over commenting on this one, but then I realized I do my best reading on the throne. With the busyness of life, we can all "do our business" with God each morning. Thanks for a thought provoking article with humor.
ummmmmmmmm . . .

yes. Well written, well thought out and easy to empathize . . .
I admire the courage you had in this submission. I did smile, laugh, and now, well, I gotta go.
Natural vs. spiritual...Hmmm.
You have a great ability to connect with the reader, and great courage and skill to write about what comes naturally (pun also intended).:-)

Just a bit of red ink for being a bit weak on topic, in my opinion.
Living in an RV now for six months, I especially appreciated your point about finding the rare places we get to be alone during the day! Thanks for a fun piece.