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HaHaHa! Nill O'Rally indeed! Guess who googled it just to be sure? I'll give you full marks for a convincing porkie and a very entertaining read. You could charm the birds out of the trees!
Welcome back! Great story and I don't know why I didn't think of this kind of drip, I have certainly been hooked up to enough of them.

Great writing, as usual.
Great job! I love the tone of your writing and I too understand the importance of that life-giving drip. I just hate needles! With that in mind... I wonder who invented needles? Blessings.
I learned something new. I really enjoyed your piece.
I'm glad some one else googled that info, I was about to! Good job! Very informative and entertaining.
Cuisine in a tube. Recommended by doctors everywhere. Could this flash-back have been inspired by the opposite dining experience of a recent cruise? An enjoyable read, my friend.
What fun! This one of the things I love about Faithwriters. The privilege of meeting such playful, ingenious, creative minds as yours. Mahhhh-velous.
Your writing never fails to inspire me. It is always creative, tight and just " higher level" stuff. There are too many clever lines in here for me to point out examples. I, too, am glad someone else Googled it, because even though common sense told me no way, I still would have been tempted! Great job with this one - I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Hehe humorously gross it twas.
Another clever entry by the tongue in cheek master.
Well done
You're welcome back! You've never disappointed your readers. This is a great piece, interesting, creative and educative.
Oh I always delight in your humor. As a nurse, my heart went out to you because I've also too often been a patient where it seems that sometimes if not for the beeping of the IVac I may never see a nurse (But then I know all kinds of tricks to turn it off and can fend for myself)Congratulations on placing 22 overall!
An enjoyable and humorous tale, as usual. Well done! A question: was his surname really O'Rally? If this is about a recent event I hope you're well and truly back following what Lot O'Rally prescribes.
Only your wit could create wordplay like, "I don’t have the gall to elaborate like a bladder-mouth." :) And only you could create a whole story, complete with a gall bladder removal, a dietician from Dublin, and a misspelled sign above the bed. I completely enjoyed your humour/humor as usual.