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Oh what a powerful allegory. You did such a wonderful job of pulling me into the story. I loved the ending. it was perfect and beautiful.
Love the writing style and the story but it's the message that is most amazing-isn't it? So many do walk around burdened by trying to earn their salvation! Fabulous job! Hope this story get's 'out there'! :)
This is one of the best I've ever read. You pulled me right in and led me to the most beautiful conclusion. Very, very, well done! I just loved the entire story.
Delightful in every way, with significant insight to be absorbed.
Clever title. Thought provoking allegory. Great message within. Good job!
Captivating! Love this!
A lovely allegoric story and very well written. well done!
This was a thought provoking and beautifully written piece. An allegory indeed! It reminded me of Hannah Hurnard's beautiful writing. The lesson of this piece of being bound only by His love is a wonderful one. I was unsure about what to make of exactly what the compound was and their locks and chains. I sort of got the idea, but a brief preface would have been helpful. This may not have been possible due to the word limit. I would only say if you ever make this into a book (which would certainly be a great idea), that like Hannah Hurnard does with her Hind's Feet book, a preface would be helpful for the reader. I love your writing though, the characters are always so palpable. Great job!
An amazing allegory. The joy of being free was so prevalent in this story. I truly enjoyed it and waited with anticipation to see how it was going to unfold.
Very well done.Loved it. Message came across loud and clear.
Such a delightful allegory into the works of the flesh. The chains reminded me of Pilgrims sack of burdens. Superbly crafted and deliciously ponder-able.
This story is filled with promise and hope rewarded. It reads smoothly and is very visual and the reader can easily identify with your MC. Sometimes it is so difficult to understand the unlocking of the chains - but your allegory gives simple but profound insights.
Powerful message woven into this story! Very nice.
Congratulations Christina on your placement! Good job! God bless!
Beautiful piece! Congrats!!
I loved this creative piece so much. Your writing is so amazing girl! Congrats on you HC in your level and your 5th place EC. Blessings...
This has such a great message attached to it, one of my favorites so far. Congratulations on your EC.
Your stories are consistent winners, and this one is no different.:-) Congratulations
on a story where truth is stronger than fiction.
Deep and full of meaning. Very well done. Congratulations on your HC and EC rankings.