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THIS is so perfect for the topic. The desert setting was tangible. I absolutely love your meter and gorgeous word usage, words and phrases like "useful living unction" and "living limb." Your extended stanza was perfect as it built, and with the image of the bones being reunited. I got chills when I read about the "breath of heaven." This has a powerful and glorious message as well. I love it. Wow!
Wow there is so much to take from this piece. I imagine it would mean different things to different people or to the same people on the same day. That takes great talent.
There is so much depth there, I am going to have to chew on this awhile... I love the flow and the imagery of the bones clicking into place like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, so vividly described. It made me think of the children's rhyme / song "Head shoulder's , Knee's and Toe's" the way you were talking about everything being fitted together. This is one of the most amazing and little understood (because of all of the varied interpretations) prophecies in the Bible. What I was particularly taken with was how you fitted that together with 1Corinthians 12 on the body of Christ being fitted together and how we all need one another. I have never thought of these two passages of Scripture together; a fascinating idea for a Bible study! This makes me really want to see a follow-up poem as you continue this lovely poetic-vision - prophecy from the Lord. I loved this out-of-the-box take on the topic, the Scriptural take away. And the title drew me in before I even read the first word. Thank you so mush for this lovely poem.
Echo Beth's comments on the beauty of your words -- pure symmetry in motion! I had gotten so caught up in the spiritual meaning of the poem (more the theological aspects) that I had forgotten to comment on this first time around. So sorry, as this is a poem, you would think that would have been the first thing I commented on. It was actually the first thing I noticed but then the Bible study --student in me took over, ha!
Amazing descriptions. Incredible word usage.
On topic
Thought provoking message.

Well done.
Congratulations for ranking 20 overall!