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Oh dear this was so funny. I loved the jaunt down memory lane. Your descriptions divine. I have to keep this for my hubby's IT collections. He will love it and probably be proud that you figured out the beeping without having to call tech support! You have a whimsical sense of humor that I totally enjoyed and I can't wait to see what you're write when the topic is beep! I'm torn over the last line. My analytical part said you don't tell the reader the moral of the story! But then when I read it, i truly did laugh out loud, for quite a while and my fun side overrode my analytical side and declared it a hit!
You took me back a ways also. Only I didn't have a typewriter, but one of those IBM Keypunch machines. You then put the cards in a computer the size of a refrigerator. They didn't clickety clack, they made more of a grinding noise. Loved this wonderful, humourous, well written piece!
We still own the electric typewriter as my daughter loves the sound it makes. :)
Great story! The fact that is was true only made it that much more enjoyable.
After reading this all the way through, I love your choice of title. Great wordplay! You descriptions were fantastic, and I was just as amazed as your characters when the beeping continued. I personally felt that the story might have been stronger without the moral, especially since it's usually not a good idea to mention the challenge in your entry. Still, this was a lot of fun to read. Thank you so much for the smile.
Clack keying on an IBM 024 Keypunch machine (I still dream about "star wheels" - this brought quite a few crazy memories. I am glad you finally raised the alarm . . .
I thought the title for the story was so, ideal and I was letting my imagination run with me what could possibly make it beep like that. It turned out to be something so, simple it sometimes triggers our funny bone and makes us want to laugh. And then when you come to the punch line or moral of the story it made it even funnier in especially good way. Thank you for sharing.
You certainly were on topic for this one. It was a fun read being there with you and your co-workers in the "Bull Pen." For me anyway, the title didn't give the ending away, I never would have put two and two together during the story. I loved the ending. Cute story.
Not only did this bring back a lot of memories it reinforced my faith in the electrical cord - great invention in forward thinking and preventive melt down for the technically challenged. Great, humorous story - well told!
I remember those technological toddling days. Good job.