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This was such a cute story, cleverly done. It threw me back to those anxiety-filled days of school, and I felt sorry for all of the kids. Spelling was my forte so I was right there with your MC. I do so love the eleventh-hour rescue scenes in any story. Thanks for a fun read.
Great story! I empathized with your MC. I loved spelling to. Keep Writing!
Wrigley is delightful and makes the story a compelling read. Suspense escalated and the ending satisfied. Well done.
Wrigley is dang cute! I think we all have a "Wrigley" living inside of us. I love how she is thinking, thinking, thinking, the whole time during class -- with those wheels spinning, and then she KNOWS just in the knick of time by the end of the story, come the second round. Clever title too. The end is predictable but with the way the characters are written the reader is cheering Wrigley on so they are happy for her. Also, a great one for the topic. The only thing I might say is possibly a little less clicking of the pen n some of the spots. Yet maybe that is necessary for the ending to fit as well as it does.
I enjoyed your characters. I would have been out in the first round at that age. Spelling and definitions were not my forte, but I still connected well to your character because I clearly remember what it was like to be in the hot seat with everyone snickering behind their hands.
Hahahaha! Lynn? Did you see my post in the forum saying I had to look the word up? At any rate, this story is prime time! Loved the whole thing. Wrigley is most impressive. Excellent.
I love your Wrigley character. Kind of reminds me of the Ramona series. Clever take on the topic. I enjoyed every word. This one should place well. Great job!
Thank you for reminding me of the joys of spelling bees. I miss the challenge. I love little miss wiggly Wrigley! Delightful story.
I love this story and could empathise with Wrigley very easily. You kept the tension going very well. I'd have done OK with the definition and failed on the spelling if I was in a line like that.I probably still can't spell that O word! Great work!
You made the characters come alive and I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson as I've struggled with the word as well. Terrific job.
I truly found the story to be suspenseful and challenging. Your little character Wrigley has a side of her that is adorable and realistic at the same time. I myself just had trouble pronouncing the word let alone spelling it or even knowing the meaning. I think Wrigley makes a intriguing character in your story. Love the way it ended.
Yay Shann! Congratulations! So happy for you, dear lady! God bless!
Congratulations Shannon! This was SO perfect for the topic and SO well written, beginning to end.
Wow, Shann! First place in Masters and #2 overall. Congratulations for a well deserved recognition. Great writing.
Hooray! Congratulations Lynn! I love it when someone forces me to reach for a dictionary. Thank you for bolstering my vocab!
You have extraordinary skills.
Congratulations on placing first at your level and second of EC!
Sorry Shann, I was just talking to my friend "Lynn" on the phone, and wrote Lynn instead of Shann. What a dummy I can be at times!
Congratulations! A fine story indeed!
Congratulations on this fine !st place win and EC! Excellent, my friend!
I am just thrilled to pieces for you and those adorable little characters of yours. You are such a talented writer and so good at getting inside the heads of kids in your stories and making them come alive. This was a great one. Congrats on #2 in your level and even better #2 over all. Way to write girl!
Yippee, Shann, you're at the top of the pack with this terrific article! First in Masters and Second on the coveted E.C. list...way to go girl! I'm incredibly proud of you...keep on writing, so the dust stays off your FW friends' dictionaries. Seriously, a very delightful way to keep us on our toes.
Hey, sorry, I had clicked on EC wins instead of Master's level, I had thought I had better double check when I saw some of your other congratulatory comments. Wow -wow -woweeeee! You took the whole enchilada girl. You must be tickled purple. Great job from top to bottom!
Wow, what a creative entry! You nailed this one, Shann. Congrats on your 2nd place win in Editor's choice, a difficult feat to accomplish but you did it. Woohoo!
I ditto all the remarks! This is indeed a milestone, and one for which you can be proud.

Enjoy the moment, but I'm sure there's more to come.

Yay and congratulations on your Master level win! You deserved it with this splendidly written piece. Well done and Yay for you again!
Congratulations, Shann, on an EC with this most delightful story!
I am so thrilled for you, Shann. Congratulations!!!
Congratulations Shann, very well deserved. God bless you.
Way to go Shann! Congratulations on your well-deserved placing.
Glad to see you in #1 place! This is a great article that incorporates the theme and a great story! No wonder you are in masters. Hope to see you there one day.
Way to go, Shann!!! Don't you ever again feel like a nothing!
Congratulations!! Hooray! 1st place in masters and 2nd in E>C> What a feat! Your Great!
Congratulations Shann! This is well deserve 1st place in Masters and 2nd in EC. As I said earlier, I loved your story. Well done!
Congratulations on winning with this creative, well-written story. Super job!
Fun story! Took me back to elementary school days. Congratulations on your second place in Masters and your EC ranking. Very well deserved!
Congrats on your well deserved win. A delightful story indeed.

Congratulations on your 2nd Place EC win. You can do the happy dance now.

I enjoyed your children's story and it just warmed my heart.

It seems that when you know an answer the teachers never calls on you but when you don't you're the first one chosen.

I used to like spelling bees in school so I could relate to your topic.
I could feel the tension as the story went. It was really good.
Very imaginative! Those big words can certainly confuse the best of us -- and it's always nice when we stumble into the right place/answer. Congratulations!
I'm so excited for you. 1st place in Masters and 2nd in EC is something to be proud of. And for it to be a precious Wrigley story, too! Fun story by an awesome writer.
I would hazard a guess that you're a teacher, Shann. Otherwise you have a remarkable insight into the mind of a young girl.
Well done, and congratulations on the win.