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"Shes going to blow
Hold the tissue close;
Watch it tatter under the hurricane force
Winds erupting from her mouth"

I love it!
I love the way you dissected a sneeze and the lesson that not much can be done to soften its blow (sorry about the pun). I enjoyed this immensely. :)
This is very cute. You have time to "throw a brick" and get more happy readers.
I thought this was well constructed mostly because you start out so calm, cool and collected -- like, oh well, allergy season is here. Then you conclude the piece with "batten down the hatches," and talking about the "hurricane force" of the now-cannot-be-deterred-Achoo! Your ending was hilarious! Well done.
I also like where you said, "at least make it try to sound polite with a dainty "achoo." But of course, no can do... Ha, that rhymes!