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This just brings out all kinds of emotions. It remind me of a vision I had during a near death experience where before me were three umbilical-like cords, red, silver, and gold. Each had a purpose and the gold one connected me to God. Like you intimate in your beautiful poem, that cord is always there--my lifeline to Jesus. Thank you for reminding me of this intense image.
Oh Wow! What imagery! I like the subtle falling and the repeated line "I didn't know." Well written.
Powerful poem! Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations! God bless~
Congratulations on your EC well deserved! This poem is amazing! Powerful, vivid, emotional, a poem that most anyone Jesus has saved can relate to! Great job!
Just stunning! Wow I don't have words to describe the impact your poem had on me. Your profound verses speaking to the deep hidden places in me I suppose....
I have to add that each time I read it through it has a unique and distinctive effect. Makes me want to go back and read it again!
This is definitely one of those pieces that has to be read and re-read to feel the full impact of each chosen word. Well done!