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What an absolutely delightful read! Very clever way to present a review of the alphabet to the little ones, and coming up with a name for every letter is impressive. The kids will just love this in a book. Terrific job!
AS we Mississippians and Tennesseans say down here, "That is the cutest thing I ever did see!" I will buy one of these books for my 6 year old granddaughter. Excellent, my dear.

Will make a wonderful book!
Very cute! I can picture this with lovely pictures of the kids and all their shoes. My only red ink is that at the beginning you say a few vague things about there being a lot to do or them being busy but you don't give us any details to picture exactly what that means. Later you do much more showing, so I can see the kids clearly. :-) Also, in the paragraph about Wrigley, there are several rhymes but there aren't any elsewhere, so I found it distracting. Otherwise this is awesome! Hope you can find someone to illustrate it. I'll bet you could even take photos to go with it.
Now that we know our A B C's, can't you teach me to tie my shoes, please. Delightfully done.
This is adorable. The ABC's of loose laces. You could publish this as a children's book. I would purchase it and read it to my granddaughter. Good job!
I can so easily see this as a story that not only is a great teaching aid for the alphabet, inspiring kids to want to keep their laces tied (which is no easy task with little ones) but one that a child would want read countless times because of the rhyming and all of the unusual names. They might even want to have it read with their own name inserted, I know my son would have when he was younger. I will pray that you will get just the right illustrator for this -- maybe someone at FW? You are so creative girl, way to write!
This is so cute and will make a great teaching aid for kids. I could picture them all as I read through this clever piece. I noticed that Amy didn't see the rhyming until the Wrigley lines. Neither did I until I re-read it and then saw them all. I think it was just the rythmn of the words, (I'm no poet mind)but that's something that might need tweaking. On the whole I think this will make an excellent teaching aid. As I've said before, you're good at stories about kids, and now I see you're good at stories for kids too.
What a cute and clever children's story all tied together with their shoelaces! :) I liked the rhyming, the ABC names, and the classroom setting (which most kids will be able to relate to). Many kids will find their names in here, also, which will make it extra special for them. Great job!
Very clever and creative work. If this has been simmering on your mind for a while, that's okay. Better 'lace' than never! A good fun approach to the alphabet, but that's quite the patient teacher, that Mr Green. Well done.
I found myself pulling for Velcro all through this. What delightful pictures you paint with mere words.
This is a fantastic, fun entry.
It will be a fabulous children's book that I look forward to reading to my grandkids!
You can do your happy dance Shann -- # 27 over all, pretty cool on this clever little piece for the kiddos. I sure wouldn't mind being a kid in your class -- what fun! Have a great Lord's day... Many blessings girl.
This was so cleverly done. It has a sing-song rhythmn to it. This would be a guide for any child to use. I really like how you weaved the alphabet into the story.

Such an inspiring writer.

Congratulations on your 27th place overall.
This was such a fun story. Being the foster mother of an 8 year old, I know it is possible for a classroom full of kids to need their shoes tied. And how clever was the alphabet worked in there! I will surely read this to my little girl. Thanks for giving us another moment to connect.