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There is so much depth to this piece. I think ten different people could read it and take ten different messages away. That takes real talent. I did struggle quite a bit with the accent, but then realized that was the whole point. This line is probably my favorite. it speaks volumes to be: snatched at the chance to be normal. It's also an excellent example of showing and not telling. The entire piece was a delightful read.
Oh my, how this touched my heat and your accents are amazing. Your MC sounds lovely and certainly must have Jesus in her soul deeply to reach such hardened people.

I think this is nothing short of excellent.
The dialect was difficult to follow at times, but that served to intensify my reading, which was effective. I worked for 47 years in prisons, and you did a good job of creating the atmosphere. Well done.
Compelling, and touching and highly descriptive from start to finish. Clever writing in this multi-layered entry.

God bless~
Absolutely a great read, start to finish. The title fits perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
Most enjoyable to read - perfection happened with the last line. Thank you.
Because He lives and loves . . .
This was hard for me to read in places, I'll admit, but what a treasure awaited me when I finally understood some of Mack's dialect and even more important, got to see beneath his rough exterior a little. This was absolutely brilliant. What a great imagination you have! I love how you ended it was an "altar call" of sorts from Massie to Mack. Just when he agrees to "be their Jesus, she turns it around on him for him to accept Jesus. Wonderfully thought out and captured. Thank you for this very uniquely accented piece. Blessings to you...
I enjoyed your story, especially the last line! Good job. Keep writing.
It's not easy writing such dialect and make it sound authentic while carrying a message, to boot. But you've done it and the reader is rewarded by persevering. I like reads that slow me down and make me think about what the characters are saying and yours did just that. Great job.
Lovely poignant look at God's grace displayed in this fearless compassionate young girl!
Yours is a very enjoyable and very "on topic" story! I had trouble interpreting a couple words myself, so understood Mack's reluctance to be in the play with his strong accent! The ending was wonderful! :)