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Here is another "What" question: What God-blessed talent composed this powerful piece?? :)

I loved the format of this well-composed poem with each stanza beginning and ending with the same "what" question. I loved the images your descriptive words evoked, and your rhyming pattern was done well, too. I especially liked these lines: "Great mercy! As God turns the key
To set my soul at liberty..."

It was nicely on topic with a great message shared. I was blessed by it!
WOW! That is all I can say...WOW! Powerfully executed and powerfully written. Your love for the Lord leaps off the pages in your "love poem" for the Lord. I adored this!

Thank you so much for sharing this anointed poem, clearly inspired by the Spirit. Amen.

God bless~
Beautifully crafted words and thoughts, from a loving and seeing heart. Lovely and strong at the same time.
An amazing poem skillfully crafted by a gifted author. Inspired!
I want to stay here forever and just inhale all your breathless prose. This is so magnificent, so poignant and thrilling. If this doesn't get Editor's Choice I would be sorely disappointed. Masterful work! The rythm, the flow - the hunger for more . . .
This is beautiful. At first I thought it was about the guardian who held the keys of Hell. How pleasantly surprised I was to find out it was the story of Paul and Silas' jailer.

"How can I be saved?" -- This question should evoke a sigh of relief from every Christian.

Thank you for writing this.
Whoa! Such deep feeling and emotion. I devoured every line. Very well done. I got tears of joy from reading!
I am speechless... I am sitting here not hardly knowing what to write. I normally don't see poems this well crafted except in an in depth writing course on poetry where one is studying LongFellow; Sandburg and Frost. The stanzas are perfectly framed with pivotal questions that move the reader forward on the journey with the jailer. Although, I had no idea at first that was who it was (another gem to the poem), I thought it was a modern day jailer of some sort. I know you and the Holy Spirit partnered big time together on this one. It is absolutely a flawless poem in every way... You must have a great heart to reach the lost.
Best take on this familiar story I ever hear/saw/or read.
Simply stunning! Meant to be read and re read to savor all its wonderful nuances. You crafted a masterpiece!!
You've done it again, Margaret!! :D HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 2ND PLACE E.C. AND LEVEL WINS!! This poem is exquisitely written and totally deserves this high honor!! WAY TO WRITE!! :)
Congratulations Margaret. Your work is truly inspired.
What an amazing piece! Congratulations on your EC and level awards. Great work.
What a team effort you and the Lord are. I am filled with so much joy Margaret as I sit here writing this because of what you shared with me. Our King, our Lord Jesus is magnificent May this piece inspire all to look for opportunities as Paul always did for the lost to win them for Christ! Congratulations my dear friend -- have a lovely day.
I love how you wove the "Key" throughout this piece. The recurring question was a excellent display of skilled writing.

Congratulations for your award-worthy poem!
Margaret - I knew this was a winner the first time I read it. Congratulations on placing second in Masters and in Editor's Choice. You deserve it! Praise the Lord!
Congrats God bless~
Congratulations Margaret!
Margaret, you've done it again. What a masterful, creative, exquisitely written poem. I LOVE your format. I am in awe. I love this! Congrats (once again :) ) on a well-deserved Editor's Choice award!
Margaret this is a brilliant poem, masterfully written, with beautiful use of language, and telling the Bible story so very well. Your 2nd position is extremely well-deserved. It was a joy to read this poem. Congratulations!
I like many things about this poem. This is a good job.
Congratulations on your second place win. You deserved this.