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This was a thrilling story. I was biting my nails from beginning to end.
Wow- this really rattled me...I was nervous the entire read!

Great job.

God bless~
Heart-in-throat reading! And you leave us in some suspense too. Talk about involving the reader. I finished reading your story, and find myself still involved ...
Wow - this is an amazing story, you draw the reader in immediately and having started, its impossible to stop! I desperately want to know more - you will have to write a sequel! Your storyline plot and your power of description are excellent. Really great writing.
This is fast moving and enthralling. You certainly know how to grab the reader's attention. I like the ending too, when God let's her know what she has to do. That's when I remembered to breathe!
This is beyond excellent! I so enjoyed reading this extremely well written entry, and so very satisfied by the conclusion - yes, the Truth will set us free . . .
Well written. Your descriptions held my attention all the way through. I wanted to find out what happened. Good job!
Brilliant. I would love to know the whole story. Hope you consider this as a book if you haven't already.

Had me from beginning to end. This is a great one.

The truth shall set us free, and He will always be with the truth.
This was very tight yet very descriptive writing. There was not one wasted word here. Reading this entry was like watching a suspenseful drama unfold. I was completely caught up with wondering is Laura going to be safe by the end of the story? This was a fabulous read, though totally nerve wracking. I certainly hope there is more to come. I think this could make for a chapter in an even more intriguing book. Even though the scripture verse at the end signals to me what she is going to do. If she does the right thing, which I think she will because God always wants one to do the right thing, right? That doesn't mean the rest will be easy. So there is room for more. I hope you will write it. Thanks for the suspense, it was fun. Blessings to you.
Very focusd and suspensful writing. My attention was caught and held from the beginning until the end.
I do hope you plan to continue the story, I definitely would like to read more. It's quite thriller for just a short story.
God bless.
Suspenseful and gripping tale. I liked how you set the scene in late the late 40's. It made it seem so much more a real event in someone's life taken from the pages of the old 'who-done-its..' Fantastic concept for this weeks challenge!
Myrna - this is simply terrific and I loved the cliff-hanger ending. The writing is taught and tight, the suspense building upon each new paragraph. Congratulations on your EC - well deserved, indeed : )
Congratulaions Myrna. This is a thrilling read!
I just knew it! This piece was way too riveting not to place. Congratulations on this most deserved win. I can hardly wait to read more. I really hope there will be a sequel to this one!
Congratulations! May God bless you richly . . .
Seven stands for perfection. Yours is a KEY PLACING, congratulations!